Toejam to juice tobacco

Today is a bright and shinny morning, a little too bright actually. The first thing I had to do was close some shades because I was bumping into objects while in a well lite room. Yesterday I did my first recording of a podcast. I guess I’ll share the link if anyone really wants to check it out. I’m not trying to push stuff on people, and who knows if I’ll be able to commit to it long term. I find the idea very fascinating though and there’s something exciting about being live on a microphone that gets my blood pumping. I’d like to keep doing it, but I’d also like to be making paintings everyday, it’s more a matter of finding what I can do consistently. Also I’ve been building my day from the ground up, having a daily routine makes activities easier to do. If the podcast fits into my routine without being something I feel forced to do, I’m sure it’ll work out. What’s also very exciting is the speech aspect. In the first episode I did some Eminem that starts with “but saying I no longer got it”, that message is what fuels me, and the flow of that section matches the feeling. The feeling is I can out talk anyone. Typing here is a completely different beast than talking. I was once on a cruise and I was having a rough night when these kids walked in and decided to make a bunch of nonsense and my immediate reaction was to shout, “shut up.” Their group came over me because teenage boys aren’t going to be told what to do. Obviously I could have hurt them physically, but I’m not a monster. The kid I told to shut up possessed the argument to me, “You don’t have to listen.” That gave me an idea, kids have a short attention span, so I began to talk. I kept talking and talking because I knew eventually they’d forget the words I was saying in the beginning and be lost in the conversation. It worked, they told me to watch my back and left. I could have went all night.

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