Doc tore me dissing

I’m about to start packing, this is it, the beginning of a new age. My mind is racing, screaming and scheming. This has to go into that, but make sure to wrap it with those. Pick up thing, put it down elsewhere, it’s no more complicated than that. I’m going to try and get as much disassembled, to where there’s nothing to do at home except wait. The pup’s hip also seems to be bothering him lately. I think the cause was getting him a bunch of new FetchIt balls, he went from just walking, to adding about 40 full force jumps a day. The little guy has so much excitement that he doesn’t know when his body is tired. Even now when he’s resting, if we get up for a drink in the kitchen, he’ll spring into action and give a little wince. Poor pup, we’ll take care of him though. I decided to start taking Sunday’s off from everything work related, so I have a built in rest day. Monday’s become harder when the weekend breaks the rhythm I have all week long. That’s probably what everyone goes through and it’s not as though I can work everyday for the rest of my life without taking a break, so I’ll have to get used to it. Over the weekend I was playing with the podcast stuff some more and even recorded a commercial, I don’t think I’m going to use it. At least for now, there’s no reason to use commercials for anything I create. Would I want commercials in my diary? At the same time, I really like recording ads, and maybe I’ll make up products to have fake ads in my episodes. Now that is an idea I can get behind. It’ll be some tougher improvising, but I’m up to the challenge. Time to pack.

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