Brick and mortars are being bricked and mortared

We heard from the appraiser for the new place yesterday. Everything is looking good and we’re pretty much done, only need a few more signatures. First, owning a place is huge to me, even if I only owned a patch of dirt. I would be happy if I was only buying the dried up pond on the property. I was going to describe this view as American because a lot of the poignant wordings that effected me came from someone like Henry David Thoreau. I’m also thinking about the movie Jeremiah Johnson and the idea of “Going West” in America. The idea that a person can go out where no one has flattened the grass yet and make their own way. Once I own this land, I can do things my way. Of course I don’t mean things that break the laws of the country or even local building codes, but up till now I’ve been renting. Renting means either I have to keep coming up with money to pay for this place the rest of my life or I won’t stay there. Knowing something is temporary makes it hard to put down roots. I put down some trees in the backyard of the house I’m currently in and I’m not looking forward to digging up tree roots. Who am I kidding, I am looking forward to digging, but not undoing work I’ve done. Owning a place and believing I will be there for life allows me to move forward with any project I want, it doesn’t matter if the project takes a decade to complete or if the rest of the world finds it ugly. I’m doing this for me. When you have a place to call your own, you’re living for yourself. In Of Mice and Men when they’re talking about their plan, George says, “If we don’t like a fella, then they can leave.”

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