Rake to the Face

Today is a beautiful day. The sun is mildly out, enough to give light without sweat and the humidity is comfortable. There’s not much on today’s agenda for me. What pre-packing can be done has been and now we’re playing the waiting game. I’d rather play hungry hippos. That’s a The Simpsons reference, I’ve been noticing lately that I do a lot of those which is funny because I haven’t watched the show in probably over a decade. There were still very good jokes in prime Simpsons as well as social/political commentary, I have no idea what it’s like now. In order to write a show for over 20 seasons, it must be a zombified state of its former self. The trouble of a sitcom or perhaps any story where the characters can’t change is that doesn’t allow for arcs and development. For example Homer is a flawed guy, that’s his charm. If we care about Homer, we’d probably want him to get his life together, stop spending so much time at the bar, perhaps do some studying and go for a promotion at the nuclear power plant. After Homer betters himself, people will congratulate him on the hard work and that he accomplished his goals, but he would no longer be the same flawed guy audiences fell in love with. People will eventually stop watching his new non-zany adventures. Homer now knows how to avoid his previous pitfalls. To compliment this with another Simpsons reference, there is a gag where Sideshow Bob steps on a rake and the handle swings up into his face. Bob is surrounded by rakes, so everywhere he turns he gets another rake to the face and every time he has the same exact reaction. Crowds want to see predictable conflict with predictable outcomes, that’s entertainment.

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