Expensive Thrills

As closing for the house approaches, once again all these people who buy and sell houses for a living are running around like chickens with their heads cut off having no idea what to do. They move dates around like what day a piece of paper gets signed matters or because they need so many days for paperwork to sit on someone’s desk. That’s not the age we live in, there’s no reason that everything for buying a house couldn’t be done in one day, or one click. Large sums of money can be moved instantly, paperwork can be sent all over the world to get multiple signatures in seconds, so when I hear we have to move the date because there’s no way we could get the paperwork together in a couple days, I know the company is full of it, but whatever they’re calling the shots. I’ve got nothing to lose though, so I’m not getting caught up in their mess. I might file a complaint about this loan officer though, it felt like she’d been avoiding us until two days before claiming she needs all this documentation. They had a month to ask for this stuff and now its all rushing around? No thanks, I’ve been through this before and got caught up in it then, now I’m not going to let a bunch of paper get my emotions. This morning was nice, I went walking through the garden to take more pictures. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone out in the morning, possibly because it’s been so rainy. Usually I water the crops in the morning and walk down the line to make sure water is flowing and pull for weeds. I’ve been worrying less about weeds because soon they won’t be my problem. Soon none of these stupid people will be my problem, I’ll be resting on my own land.

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