Reality Reigns

This morning is a wet one. I find rain most often happens while I’m asleep, but today was a good pattern. The rain started shortly after I woke up, this isn’t the best pattern mind you because I struggle to get work done during the rain. Ideally the rain would start around noon and last all day, stopping after I fall asleep of course. Right now, pup and I are listening to the water fall. My dog seems to be doing better with his injury if you’re wondering. While he was hurt we got some pet stairs for him to walk up to our bed because he would wince whenever he jumped. It’s been very cute teaching him how to walk up those tiny stairs. He’s actually spent most of his life on the first floor and there was a time when he was scared of all stairs because he had gone his whole life without encountering a full staircase. The packing yesterday went well, I bought a couple of these big plastic totes, it ends up working out to where the loose items in each room will fill up a single tote. Yesterday I filled two totes in a couple hours and cleared off all the walls. To me, having the walls bare makes the house feel way more empty than it did the day before. I was planning on packing up my art room this morning, but I’ve had a blocky headache since I woke up. I’m going to finish writing this and then maybe lay down. Hopefully I’ll feel better and continue packing, but if I can’t today then I don’t mind. The packing that I have done made me feel a lot better about the whole event and that I am correct in thinking I could have everything moved in a couple of days. For most of my life, the standard was not to own more than I can put in my Honda Fit. After moving with that car, everything else is easy.

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