I’m feeling a little sick this morning, it was probably from snacking late at night and my body struggling to digest it while I’m asleep. I expected to need some sort of rest because I’ve been going pretty hard lately, so that’s fine and I’ll give my body what it needs. Feeling sick makes me think about all the time I’ve spent frolicking around in health. Resting after activity is necessary, but I’ve also gotten a lot stronger over the last couple years. When we were looking at houses a year ago, I didn’t have it in my head that I would be able to do any house repairs and this year I decided I could build an entire house if I wanted to. I’m happy with where I’m at and the way things are going. I’m grateful for the strength to make me do the work I think needs to be done. I watched a documentary recently following some Amish families and a woman said she was happy to be taught that if there’s a job do, she does it. It’s an idea that seems rational, if there’s a problem then fix it, but of course it needs to be taught to us. How often will a kid make a mess and make sure it’s completely clean before returning to what they were doing? Work is hard and it’s not rational to do, it only makes sense to humans because we can see into the future; towards the fruits of our labor. I know that if I eat a 500 calorie deficit everyday for a week, then I will lose a pound of fat. A dog never chooses to go on a diet. I think I learned the importance of work before learning to rest. For so long when I felt the need to rest I looked at it as being too weak to continue. Sure that’s true, but it’s unnecessarily tough on myself and is what leads to me quitting an interest because I get “broken off” as the cowboys would say.

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