Hi Ho Sky Drone

I’m feeling good today, I already got my run in and I’m ready to greet life as the shinning sun I am. It’s been hot, boi I tell ya, so hot our AC unit may be struggling. We’ve got the ceiling fans on though and I like that. I usually prefer to not have AC on, but I think the house we’re currently in has non vented soffits and there are no screens on any other the windows so we’re boxed in. Well if I can’t have air moving through the house, we’re going to have to pay for electricity to move the air by force. Daily activities adjust around the height of the sun now that it’s summer. For instance I wanted to go for my run today before the sun came up and yesterday when I took the dog for a walk we left after 8 PM. The sun is still blazing at that time because we’re on the edge of a time zone, basically giving us an hour later of sun compared to those on the eastern edge. The walk last night felt like I was in an episode of The Twilight Zone. First off no one is walking the streets because it’s so hot, but also because of current events. The other part was it seemed like every house I passed had someone sitting on their porch taking in the Summer evening, I was walking down empty streets with what felt like rows of people staring at me; very strange. I’d also like to point out my annoyance at the fact that I have to say current events because if I were to say the V-word, P-word, or C-acronym, then an algorithm will most likely throttle my exposure. That is true censorship, but you’ll never see anyone in the streets protesting it. How could they communicate their intentions without being able to say the words. That’s how you know rebellions are authorized, you see specific terms all over headlines. If media companies didn’t want people to see it, theres enough garbage on the internet to burry any attempt at awareness.

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