Day dream through nightly news

Looks like the AC is going to need some repairs, but in the meantime the landlord gave us a mobile AC unit to at least put in the bed room. I remember listening to someone talk recently and they were saying in the Summer, it was common that people would sleep on their porch, fire escape or yard. That was around 1950’s, no one does that anymore. Honestly, if I slept on my front porch, I’d be afraid I would wake up in the middle of the night to red and blue lights. It used to be fun for me to hate on authority, now it’s so trendy that I have to move on to a new topic. Maybe that’s what brings me to more spiritual thoughts, or maybe being cooped up in one place for so long has my mind going on celestial journeys. Whatever is going on, I don’t mind because it’s pretty exciting for a life. If everything were to be “the way we always do it”, that becomes boring. That sentiment is also frustrating because nothing stays the same, so doing things the same way as the past for no other reason than “it’s what people do” is usually the wrong answer. I came up with the right answer this past weekend, get stable food, water, and shelter. I know I shouldn’t be giving away all my secrets, but you seem trustworthy. The trick with those things is if no one puts energy into the system and people are taking from it, then the whole thing will collapse sooner or later. Unfortunately we must all do uncomfortable work. It’s not unfortunate, we’re very fortunate to be here and be given an opportunity to make ourselves into whatever the mind can dream up.

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