Hi Ho Sky Drone

I’m feeling good today, I already got my run in and I’m ready to greet life as the shinning sun I am. It’s been hot, boi I tell ya, so hot our AC unit may be struggling. We’ve got the ceiling fans on though and I like that. I usually prefer to not have ACContinue reading “Hi Ho Sky Drone”

Shimmering Silver Stream

My week is coming along swimmingly. I feel like I’m starting to hit my steps with the podcast. There’s definitely a fear to it, I described it as similar to being in a fight and after I’m done I’m grateful for getting through unscathed. I like fighting though, so I get excited to go backContinue reading “Shimmering Silver Stream”

Superior super hero supposed how risers sync up

I broke three eggs on the first try today, that must be a good omen. Perhaps all my chicks will hatch this fall. With this sign from the heavens, I’m going to go ahead and count all my eggs to plan for having that many chickens. I’m working on figuring out other social media platforms.Continue reading “Superior super hero supposed how risers sync up”