Latch that hatch

I was going to start packing up my truck today for the move, but the weather is supposed to be rainy the next couple days. The rain will make things interesting. I’ve got a massive tarp and sheets of plastic, so hopefully nothing gets too wet during the move, but I won’t push my luck by having stuff sit in the rain. I never thought of owning a house as a moment in my life, it was always more of a financial decision. I would compare the cost of rent and not having to fix problems with the house to a mortgage with insurance. Putting money into a house counts as an asset that you’re paying interest on, the other side is not having that money in an asset means competing against inflation. None of that describes the feeling when I imagine standing on my land looking out. Now I’ll have the room to pursue all sorts of projects and I will be able to make changes to the house. I’m going to start by throwing a hammer into a wall just because I can. I’m also excited to have peg board on the walls in my little shop. On the side of the garage there are two small rooms, one is a laundry room and the other is going to be my work shop. I think the room is perfect for what I want in a shop because in a sense the room is outside of the house; I have to walk through the garage to get there. Having distance from people relieves me from the worry that someone will hear me, then I can do my Eminem raps in peace. A dedicated shop area allows me to leave a mess on the table and I don’t have to see it while walking around the house. There’s so much I want to do, but I have to wait a little longer.

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