Light Bright Might

We got the final piece of paperwork in, hopefully, and should be home owners soon. More importantly land stewards. I like the idea of “stewards of the land” because there’s a reminder not to abuse the land, or to avoid leaving it in a worse condition than we found it in. Oh, the AC in the place we’re currently at is fixed. The problem was the air filter hadn’t been changed since before we moved in. The repair man even said he’d been on three calls that morning and every one of them was because of the filter. Part of me feels it’s dumb that there was so much hassle over something so easily fixed, but this is why I need to own a house. I have no desire to touch anything in this house because I’m not being paid to do so. If this were my house, then it’s my job to fix it. Either fix it or live in a broken home, and no one wants that. Good to know that the most common problems are still the simplest, even in HVAC. What I’ve been learning with my studies on all things DIY is it’s all pretty simple, you connect piece A to piece B and there are usually connectors made for that job. Piece B may be a complicated piece of machinery, but it’s filled with its own collection of A’s attaching to B’s. Learning how electricity is created was tough, that’s more than connecting pieces, in fact the main parts need to remain detached. When I think of electricity being created by some copper moving around magnets, it’s a reminder that we live in a magical world. We can come to understand things we can’t see and in time learn to harness them for the creation of a new world.

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