Unsightly Sightseers

I feel a lot better after taking my day off. Before the house, my energy tends to run out by Fridays, so with all the extra running around I crashed hard on Saturday. I may have had a migraine, but my body was exhausted and I hadn’t been eating. If you didn’t know already, the guy who writes a blog talking to himself and records a podcast talking to himself, this guy has social anxiety. When the time came close on the house, I was laying in the fetal position because of the stabbing in my stomach I get from those types of situations. I needed some time to reset after that. Hopefully things clear up and I’ll work until the tank runs low at the end of the week again. On social anxiety, I was talking to a friend recently and he has to quit his job because he found a new one. We were talking about him having to tell his boss and how awful that experience is. Talking to anyone is an awful experience in our shoes, but he called himself a “coward” because he was afraid to make the call. My response was, “I volunteered for a war and I ran away from making that call, so don’t be so hard on yourself.” There are different types of people and they fear different things. If two people are walking towards me, one with a weapon and the other is smiling and reaching for a handshake, I’m probably more afraid of the person smiling; I know what to do about a person with a weapon. I’ve studied a couple books to know what I’m supposed to do in conversations although now that I’ve got my own land I couldn’t care less if strangers accept me socially. The take away is to be kind to each other because we never know what someone else is going through. I can handle a lot of pain, but the worst pains I experience are invisible to the eye. 

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