Holy Holiday

Good morning, I’ve got most of the small stuff out of the house and we’ll have some movers help with the furniture. Tomorrow the internet gets switched over to the new place and we’ll quickly follow. Then we can begin “unpacking” because right now I’ve been hauling loads over and dumping stuff in whatever clean corner catches my eye. There’s a certain degree of cleaning that needs to be done before settling in and we might rent a dumpster for a day or something because the old owners left a bunch of stuff. They left some great furniture, like a beautiful table with eight chairs, but there’s just as much broken junk. Plus the previous owners had farm animals, so there’s additional trash for that. The two sheds down by the pond that will one day be great, most recently they’ve been used to house chickens and will also need some cleaning. There will be a never ending list of things to do because that’s owning a house, so I’m glad to be documenting my days. I think this is going to work out nicely. Today I’m mostly around the old place, I’m going to mow the lawn for the last time and have got to sign for a package. I was trying to explain that I want to make what I do look more like a job because I feel people think my availability means I’m available. I’m always working, sitting still, I’m probably building something in my head or piecing together a plan for what’s next. You won’t know if you’re going the right way without a plan. I also realized yesterday how connected people are to their phones. As crazy as this may sound, I go out of my way to not have my phone around me during the day because I see it as a distraction.

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