Day dream through nightly news

Looks like the AC is going to need some repairs, but in the meantime the landlord gave us a mobile AC unit to at least put in the bed room. I remember listening to someone talk recently and they were saying in the Summer, it was common that people would sleep on their porch, fireContinue reading “Day dream through nightly news”

Expensive Thrills

As closing for the house approaches, once again all these people who buy and sell houses for a living are running around like chickens with their heads cut off having no idea what to do. They move dates around like what day a piece of paper gets signed matters or because they need so manyContinue reading “Expensive Thrills”

Flip flop drip drop

Chappelle had a special recently called 8:46 and one of the things he noted in it was 8:46 was the time of his birth. There were a couple other instances he mentions of patterns he sees with numbers and places. When I was rediscover Christianity and trying to make sense of the Bible, a friendContinue reading “Flip flop drip drop”

Superior super hero supposed how risers sync up

I broke three eggs on the first try today, that must be a good omen. Perhaps all my chicks will hatch this fall. With this sign from the heavens, I’m going to go ahead and count all my eggs to plan for having that many chickens. I’m working on figuring out other social media platforms.Continue reading “Superior super hero supposed how risers sync up”

100 Follower Special

I need to say thank you, to anyone who reads this, I think you’re really cool. Yesterday my blog got 100 followers. That is a milestone, not that I know what it means, but it’s like I woke up in the passenger side of a car and saw the mile marker for 99.6 I’m goingContinue reading “100 Follower Special”

Follow a frog for grog

I’ve got one shot to do this, fingers don’t fail me now. Today has been pretty cool, the sunflower that’s growing in my front yard opened for the first time. It’s got a beautiful color that I wasn’t expecting, I don’t know if it will last. I get so excited watching plants grow, it’s moreContinue reading “Follow a frog for grog”

Here’s the scoop on truth, it’s bull poop

I’ve got a lot to straightening out to do in my head today. I felt sad yesterday and now I have have information to sort, it’s as though I go through cycles too. Perhaps it would be nice to have a period because I can track monthly cycles. A guy doesn’t have something as obviousContinue reading “Here’s the scoop on truth, it’s bull poop”

Goodnight Glinda

I buried a friend today, it was the spider in the picture above. I first encountered her in the garden building a web where the hummingbird feeder hangs. I decided to take some pictures like I have been doing for a lot of different bugs whenever I get a chance. One thing I remember aboutContinue reading “Goodnight Glinda”

Hello Yellow

In the video game series Final Fantasy there was a coloring system for magicians. White “mages” would do white magic, maybe a spell idea would be blizzard. They could also be priests and their type of magic would be especially effective against skeletons. You might be wondering about healing spells, well that would be exclusivelyContinue reading “Hello Yellow”

Server time set to surf style

Yesterday felt like a super long day, but some how I couldn’t find the time to write. The day felt long in a good way in that we were always fulfilled. I mean, even if we were doing nothing more than listening to the wind, there was nothing we wanted. That’s sort of been theContinue reading “Server time set to surf style”