Literal lumination like light

Last night’s sleep was revitalizing, my engines have been fueled and are ready to take off. I woke up around 5:30 this morning ready to jump out of bed, instead I hung out until my wife’s alarm went off an hour later. For a little while I’ve been good about maintaining a sleep schedule and it pays off with new life. When I look at my horizon I feel free, that makes everyday a personal adventure and I wake up thinking, “Oh boi, I can’t wait to shave and vacuum”, no joke. Discipline builds habits and healthy habits make activities more enjoyable. I’m not doing work for the man to give me a performance review, but I’m helping myself. Maintaining healthy habits is like building a brick house, it’s work that takes time and precision. Eventually shelter from the storm is created, but consistency is key. If I were laying brick and decided to take a sabbatical, then the rain might come and wash away my work. In the early stages, even a couple rows of brick can be taken down by ivy or an overgrown shrub. Everything has its place and time to shine. Today the internet gets moved to the new house and tomorrow the furniture does. Before you know I’ll be scything my fields and wiping sweat from my brow. I don’t plan on getting scyth, though they do look cool, there are more practical ways to cut grass without twisting and shouting in pain. I look forward to a riding mower because that feels very peaceful, even Forrest Gump continued mowing the school fields after he was a cogillianair because he liked doing it so much. That’s sort of how I feel about swinging an axe or a mattock, maybe that’s why prison always appealed to me. The worst punishment is being left completely alone and breaking stones all day long. I’ve gone out of my way to make that my reality.

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