Let Jimmy Take Over

The start of a new week, there’s potential for anything to happen. Well it’s more like the opposite of potential, I know what needs to get done and by the end of the week I hope to have brought those tasks to null. I’ve moved on to moving over my garden. Hopefully it’s not tooContinue reading “Let Jimmy Take Over”

Weed wackers will wander

My legs feel like they’ve been doing a bunch of squats. I’ve got to make sure to stretch my hamstrings before I get started today. Hopefully walking up and down the hill is a pretty good workout as well. I think this place is going to be even more enjoyable when fall comes. Right nowContinue reading “Weed wackers will wander”

Too sober for a red clover

I met another neighbor, these were the neighbors the last guy I met warned me about. They seem nice enough and it sounded like the previous owners gave them a pretty hard time. I don’t like to judge someone based on their worst behavior, even when I see videos of a person shouting racial slursContinue reading “Too sober for a red clover”

Life’s little leaks

The move is looking better today. When it comes to moving I only sweat the small stuff and at this point it’s all small stuff. Millions of little trinkets and do-dads that I don’t know why I ever bought them, I think of myself as a minimalist and maybe why I don’t like having stuffContinue reading “Life’s little leaks”

24 Little Hours

What a day today has been. I woke up to make breakfast and decided to do some cleaning around the house because usually after a weekend of us relaxing there’s more than a few dishes laying around the house. I loaded the dish washer and when I hit “Start” nothing happens, I keep hitting start.Continue reading “24 Little Hours”

From Binos to Ginos

When I was younger, sleep was one of my favorite activities and now it gets in the way of me being able to do actual activities. There’s never enough hours in the day and there’s even less wick to burn per day. Sleep is needed to be able to greet the next morning. I hadContinue reading “From Binos to Ginos”

Literal lumination like light

Last night’s sleep was revitalizing, my engines have been fueled and are ready to take off. I woke up around 5:30 this morning ready to jump out of bed, instead I hung out until my wife’s alarm went off an hour later. For a little while I’ve been good about maintaining a sleep schedule andContinue reading “Literal lumination like light”

Holy Holiday

Good morning, I’ve got most of the small stuff out of the house and we’ll have some movers help with the furniture. Tomorrow the internet gets switched over to the new place and we’ll quickly follow. Then we can begin “unpacking” because right now I’ve been hauling loads over and dumping stuff in whatever cleanContinue reading “Holy Holiday”

Reality Reigns

This morning is a wet one. I find rain most often happens while I’m asleep, but today was a good pattern. The rain started shortly after I woke up, this isn’t the best pattern mind you because I struggle to get work done during the rain. Ideally the rain would start around noon and lastContinue reading “Reality Reigns”