Tea for Two

Last night felt like our first real night at the new house, we’re finally getting some time to slow down and enjoy what we have. Mary and I sat at home to play video games, it was probably the first time we ever did and I loved it. I’ll still be going back to the old place to get what’s left and to clean up until the end of the month. If there was an accidental fire that burned the whole place down, I wouldn’t need to clean it, the fire cleans all. Ah, but all my plants are still there, I want to make a trip to bring over a truck load of plants, but I’m dog tired and don’t know what the odds of that happening are. Today is also my pups birthday, he’s six years old though he’s got the energy of a six month old. Yesterday was when he found out there are deer in his front yard, we’ll see how that goes. There was a lot of staring and afterwards he wanted to go outside to “play”, but there wasn’t any barking, which is my main concern. He’s all grown up though, soon he’ll be dragging in venison and putting food on the table. I would give him his own room, but I think the closer he sleeps to me, the happier he is. I don’t know what we’ll do for the pups birthday, my wife wants to get him some presents from the pet store, so I’m sure he’ll be properly pampered. He pampers us too, so he deserves it. He’s gotten really comfortable on his back to where my wife and I can be laying down and I’ll pull him up to lay in between us. It’s all belly scratching and ear rubs from then on and he loves it.

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