Too sober for a red clover

I met another neighbor, these were the neighbors the last guy I met warned me about. They seem nice enough and it sounded like the previous owners gave them a pretty hard time. I don’t like to judge someone based on their worst behavior, even when I see videos of a person shouting racial slursContinue reading “Too sober for a red clover”

24 Little Hours

What a day today has been. I woke up to make breakfast and decided to do some cleaning around the house because usually after a weekend of us relaxing there’s more than a few dishes laying around the house. I loaded the dish washer and when I hit “Start” nothing happens, I keep hitting start.Continue reading “24 Little Hours”

Tea for Two

Last night felt like our first real night at the new house, we’re finally getting some time to slow down and enjoy what we have. Mary and I sat at home to play video games, it was probably the first time we ever did and I loved it. I’ll still be going back to theContinue reading “Tea for Two”

Self Timer

I got bubble tea today, and I only had to drive six hours to get it. I also went on a walk with my dog. It’s been surprisingly hard to walk at the beach. I understand that sidewalks would take away from precious beachfront realty, but if you build a society around one thing itContinue reading “Self Timer”

Feel that freaky fern

Today was interesting, I’ve been feeling a little off since yesterday. Only about two inches off, yesterday I saw a hairy baby fern frond growing so I ran inside to get my macro lens for my camera. On the way inside, my right food landed on a step and then slid out of the flipContinue reading “Feel that freaky fern”

Good Beef Water

(Well, well, well) Today’s already been a pretty good day and it isn’t even lunch time yet. That’s what happens when I eat a proper breakfast. I got a bunch of reading done in my home building book, and I finished the chapter on framing a roof. Next I can learn how to finish aContinue reading “Good Beef Water”

For Fast Freddy

I’ve got a new routine I’ve been trying out. After I make breakfast for my wife, I do a little reading. Then I want to watch an educational video and write my morning pages. I don’t know if I want to watch the video first, but I think writing requires more energy and should beContinue reading “For Fast Freddy”

Good times are coming

Today, I bought 10 bags of top soil and stacked them on the side of my porch. My wife and I have been planning on a little gardening project in the front yard and today she got some good news, so I’m more hopeful that the project will be a lot of fun. I meanContinue reading “Good times are coming”

Cheap Meat and Bird Words

Thank you Mary for today’s title. Today has been down right groovy. Although it did start off a little rough. After getting my wife’s breakfast ready, I fell back asleep and had a sleep paralysis dream. This is the second one I’ve had lately and it makes me feel like everyday I’m treading for waterContinue reading “Cheap Meat and Bird Words”

Mesmerizing Seismographing Photorealizing

Oh boi, a journey of a thousand miles starts with tying your shoes. Actually it would start with making a packing list of what you’ll need to get there. Before that it would be helpful if you knew where the journey was going to end so you can figure out what is needed. Researching landContinue reading “Mesmerizing Seismographing Photorealizing”