News Flash Brews Cash

Tomorrow was the originally scheduled date for Christfest. I don’t think I’ve talked about it here, but it’s my made up holiday that coincides with my birthday, so we can have a big Summer party. There’s Christmas in December and Christfest in July. Obviously I’m not having it this year, but it’s crazy how it snuck up on me this year. I only noticed because it was written in my calendar at the beginning of the year, usually I’m preparing for the party about three months out. I like there to be a build up of teasers to get people interested and make it feel like this isn’t a normal party. There’s also a rule for people not to have their phones out because I don’t want photos or videos recorded. People will relax more and worry less about how they’re acting if they don’t have to worry about it being brought up again. We can all say, “People were drinking, who knows what happened.” My crazy antics aid in the night seeming like a fever dream. I like to wear red, white and blue outfits. I had a red, white and blue singlet and wrestled someone one year. There was also a wedding where the entire bridal party wore these crazy masks I own. I’m thinking that I might return my podcast on my birthday with a Christfest episode because that’s at the end of the month and I would be able to celebrate Christfest IV this year anyway. I was a little worried with it being the fourth year that I don’t want to go too big since I have to top it the next year, but also wanted it to be valuable on it’s own. It will certainly be interesting. Well I suppose you should look forward to the return of my podcast Being Chris Cooper on July 30th, with Christfest IV.

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