For fear of fowl I fight the howl

I have the most beautiful view from where my desk is now. All my life I’ve never had a pretty view from where I work. I suppose that’s why I focus on beautiful things so much now. I learned a long time ago that any argument can go back and forth forever, so if I was to dive deeper into any subject it should be the sublime. I suppose that’s how we see human beings, as a divining rod for free thought. How deep does the well of the spirit go? It’s unknown, probably unknowable because like Gilgamesh trying to win the secret to immortality, we too are limited by our humanity. I hear the trees telling me a storm is coming, I’m going to want a front row seat. Maybe my pond will even flood, but I don’t think I’ll want to walk down there today. I’m in rest mode until Monday. Even the dog wants to watch the rain, he’s begging to go out. It’s a pleasant past time of our’s to watch the rain together. This is going to be a good one too, the most perfect part is I can watch the rain while typing now. What more could I ask for than a recording of my thoughts during the most beautiful moments of my life. My brain is soothed, there’s the rub. Mixing beautiful words together is work that requires focus and living in the moment is getting lost in the senses; returning to animal hood. Perhaps we journey back and forth getting information and documenting it; as the pendulum swings. The rain has really set in and I need to go watch it so I’ll focus for a couple minutes and wrap things up. Everyday bring me closer to my birthday which I treat very ceremonial, I’m really into numbers.

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