Weed wackers will wander

My legs feel like they’ve been doing a bunch of squats. I’ve got to make sure to stretch my hamstrings before I get started today. Hopefully walking up and down the hill is a pretty good workout as well. I think this place is going to be even more enjoyable when fall comes. Right now it’s stinking hot, so we can only be outside during the day for a couple minutes at a time. I mean I could stay out longer, but it saps my energy to stand in the shade. My brain has been so scattered, I almost completely forgot to feed the dog yesterday. I only remembered at the end of the night when he was acting weird, he should have told me his bowl was empty. That actually has me thinking that I might teach him when his bowl is empty to sit and bark, then I fill it up. That’s just another project though, I don’t have time for new projects right now. I can see the finish line of the move at this point and if I ever move again, I must be certifiably insane. I was thinking about my first real move, the first time that I realized how much I hated moving and how people accumulate stuff unbeknownst to themselves. I was moving to college with the help of my brother and friend. Basically I moved everything important out, like this time, but then the house was still so full. It was like a mystery, every time I loaded up the truck, more junk appeared in my house. Eventually I got sick of it all and kept saying, “Leave it, we’re done.” The beauty about being on your own in life is nothing is lost by walking away, but life is better with mild restrictions. 

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