All money is make believe

Crypto Currency has been booming lately if you weren’t aware. I guess the economy must be on the brink of collapse or some other reason, I don’t subscribe to any news. Although it’s probably harder to know what’s going on for those who do consume the news. As Mark Twain said, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do, you’re misinformed.” I trust my own judgement and ability to read in-between the lines, and that’s why I got back into crypto last month when unemployment filings went over 40 million. I’m not too heavily invested, what do I even have to invest? I’m more interested in collecting data and speculating what it might mean. Every morning I write down the price of three coins, or at this point we might as well call them stocks, so I can see what’s going on and can easily look back on my notes. What happened over the last week is what I would call a mini boom, and the prices dipped last night. I suspect there will be one or two more mini rise and falls before the media is all over the price of crypto and that will send it sky rocketing. To me that looks something like Bitcoin above $15,000. Bear in mind that BTC peaked in the 20k range before so that isn’t an unheard of price. If you don’t know anything about crypto currency, do not take this news as a reason to invest. There are scams everywhere and you will lose money. I’ve been tracking that price of BTC since it was at $300 a coin, that was sometime in 2015. I’ve lost money on poorly timed purchases and have given money to scammers, that’s part of the game. Crypto is still the wild west in some sense, but it’s getting domesticated. For the average person, they don’t need to worry about all this. What they should know is that switching to a digital currency is going to happen. Most people make purchases with a credit card or smart devices already and as we deeper into the “internet of things”, we’ll need crypto. Which coin or combination will win is uncertain right now.

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