Let Jimmy Take Over

The start of a new week, there’s potential for anything to happen. Well it’s more like the opposite of potential, I know what needs to get done and by the end of the week I hope to have brought those tasks to null. I’ve moved on to moving over my garden. Hopefully it’s not too hard, there are only two plants that are heavy for me to pick up: a Boston fern and blue Italian cypress. That cypress will need to be strapped down, even sitting in my yard on the ground it gets tossed by the wind. Today should be the deconstruction of the old green house and probably the reconstruction too. I took a photo of mimosa tree flower yesterday, it was the first plant photo I’ve taken in the new place. There have been opportunities for beautiful shots, but I haven’t had the energy for any creative endeavors. Today is the first day in weeks that I’m doing some pleasure reading. I know I’m getting back to my normal energy levels, but it’s only Monday. I still have to take it slow and finish the week strong. My goodness, I even have Christfest on Thursday, so may Mary grant me strength. I’ll probably be moving stuff until the last minute to avoid working on my birthday and then it’ll mark the beginning of my life as a mountain man. Someday someone will ask me to help them move and my only response will be a slap. Next we’ll still have to unpack our garage filled with stuff. We weren’t even able to properly place things while moving in because the previous owners left a bunch of furniture. Our couch is currently sitting in the middle of the room to provide some normalcy and comfort during this time. Although at this time, can anyone say what normal is anymore?

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