Climb to Glory

Whew wei, Christfest was a good one. When I was a kid, I would like to plan a day of my Summer vacation to walk to the park and spend the whole day there without saying a single word. Those were the types of experiments I ran with my mind and what I enjoy. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. I own acres of land where I can shout at the top of my lungs and I can completely unplug. It’s a strange techno-natural balance I’m trying to work with. I’m plugging so much of my life into smart devices and wanting to live in the woods. That’s where I fall back on being able to defend myself. If someone wants to take this hill, they better bring an army and I pay my taxes to keep that from happening. It was even raining all day; that’s my favorite weather. I’ve always thought about moving to Portland or Seattle to be somewhere with a ton of rain, but I’ve been quite pleased with how much rain I’ve been seeing at the new place. Being out of the city makes the rain feel fresher, it doesn’t travel through a layer of smog to get to me. 

My wife is planning on bringing me Hibachi for dinner. The first time I ate Hibachi was when I was taken to dinner by my brother and his now wife. It’s one of the few meals I remember as a kid, so I guess it’s important to try and make those special memories. I was wondering why they would take me out to dinner, I’m not their kid. I thought maybe it’s a test couples do to rent someone else’s kid. That way they know how each other performs. That does make me want to do special things for my nephews every chance I get. 

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