Lies in Weight

The month has come to an end and today I’m walking through the old house with the landlord for a final inspection. I will be so happy after all this is done. Someone is also coming to mow the lawn today, which isn’t a big deal, but it’s another appointment to juggle and the days of me juggle appointments are about to be over. I’m going to start saying to people, “No, I already have something scheduled that day.” because it never works out. I will inevitably need to be in two places at once, it’s a tale as old as the Flintstones. Along with getting back to normal life, now that my birthday is over I really need to start watching what I eat. Being locked up in the house for close to five months has not been good for my physic. There’s also been a lot of stress eating this last month. A note on staying home for months, it’s been five months and people are still saying, “A little longer and then it will be over” or, “If everyone did it right, it wouldn’t last this long.” If you think the easiest solution to a problem is to get 300 million Americans to do the same thing, you must not be from here. In a Phillies baseball game the crowd will boo a dog if it drops the frisbee; people push back. There’s a reason Microsoft bailed out Apple in the 90’s and why Coke needs Pepsi, it’s impossible to get everyone to do the same thing since some people want to do “the other” simple because people aren’t doing it. Microsoft wasn’t helping Apple, they were hedging their bets. If people don’t go to option 1, they go to option 2. That might be an important idea to remember around election time. 

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