Praise Gilgamesh

Today was the death of my podcast. There has been a problem with the last two episodes I’ve tried to record and the files disappear. That’s enough of a sign for me to be done with it. The podcast worked out to provide us with Christfest IV, so it served its purposed. I’ve got so much other stuff going on that would better serve my time and energy. The ball is starting to get rolling with settling into the new house, I’ve set up a hose for the plants and this evening we put away all the kitchen accessories. There was even a bird outside of my window as I write this, it couldn’t have been more than eight feet away from me, sitting on a branch high above the sky. I’ve also started uprooting plants I don’t like. The mattock has been moved over and is getting put to work. There are stubbing weedesq trees growing all around the property, no matter how much they get cut back they won’t die unless the roots are dug up. I was fantasizing about going to the neighbors to discuss what they consider the property line. It doesn’t matter where the line is, there’s more than enough land, but I’d like to know basically every tree I own that’s older than 10 years. Then I’m can play connect the dots  and clean out all the brush. The permanent battle is against things that grow uncontrollably fast, and things that have pointy parts, this goes for plants, insects and animals. I probably want to keep all insects away. I’m gonna want to cover every piece of earth around the house with stones or something devoid of life. Then I’ll plant some delicious plants to attract them away. This is my fool proof plan.

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