Forgone or forgotten

I didn’t write yesterday. Maybe I needed time to recover, or I was busy doing other stuff around the house, but I’m also thinking a lot about why do I write this and why post stuff online. Finishing the podcast got me thinking about this stuff, it’s all for fun and to work on my creative skills, but they’re questions of do I want to put work into this. The conclusion I came to is that I do want to put work into writing everyday. Writing is a valuable skill that I don’t want to stop doing. The other place I’m active is Instagram, that came about because I was taking pictures of my garden and sharing them with friends. Eventually I felt weird constantly showing them pictures, so I share them in an appropriate space now. I’m going to continue taking pictures of my garden and pictures in general, so it’s not like managing my Instagram account is extra work. I’m also grateful that I have been practicing photography because we got this Google hub that displays the photos on my phone and 95% of the photos it shows are pretty regardless of the subject because I now make an effort to take good photos. I’m thinking about framing, lighting, and clutter in the shot even if I’m only sending the photo to one person. My plan is to continue writing and taking pictures regardless. I’d rather share this stuff than have no chance of anyone seeing it, so for now I’ll keep posting online. If it gets annoying to where I’m asking myself why, I’ll reevaluate things. “Read and write”, is a philosophy I live by, for me that means that we should be taking in information and produce something with it. Until next time.

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