ClickClack PickThat SilkHat

Part of me still doesn’t know why I sit down to write this. The part of me that says I have to write it, because it keeps my mind and writing ability sharp, has also  been wondering if instead I should put this energy in to writing stories or something with a purpose. Sure, I’d love to, but it’s not like flicking a switch. I want to get back into shape, but if I go run five miles, then I’m I won’t exercise for the rest of the week and that’s not going to make me any stronger. To work on getting back in shape, I start with stretching, that’s it. It’s not like I don’t use my body, but rather I haven’t been taking care of it. After a couple of sessions of only stretching, I’ll slowly add in resistance exercises until that becomes my routine. The way to get better is to continue to come back, right now I’m writing this daily to stretch my brain. Maybe once I’ve recovered from this year I can take on more difficult writing, but I need to at least maintain where I’m at while I settle a bunch of different real life things. 

We’re supposed to have someone come to mow the lawn today. It’s been getting a bit shaggy, so I’ll be happy once it’s done. I ordered a new mower, but it’ll be a couple weeks before it arrives and you’re right, I do already have a lawn mower. The only problem is it’s a push electric mower, so it has to be plugged in and I’ve got more than an acre that needs mowing. Hopefully this’ll be the only time I need someone else to mow, but it’s nice to have the option available. It’ll be nicer after I do it myself.

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