Deep Sea Diving

I was swinging the pickaxe around today. As a tool I believe it’s all called a mattock, but I’ve always liked pickaxe better. I actually got my start with the pickaxe. I was really into the Rocky series as a kid, only the first four though, and in the forth movie Rocky is chopping wood as part of his training. I was hooked and I wanted to chop wood just like that, my time came when my family had a big tree cut down in the front yard. The tree produced a lot of big wood that needed to be made smaller. I don’t know if it needed to be made smaller, or we kept the wood because I wanted to chop it, but either way I had the first ingredient in chopped wood. The problem was I didn’t have a proper chopper. The only thing we had was the pickaxe, but that was ok because I could barely hit the target anyway. My first swings were in the front yard poking holes into the wood while people driving by would shout things. Eventually I got a decent set up in the back and we got an axe, or maybe my dad needed to sharpen the axe we had. I got to work chopping, but still had no idea how to wield the tool. Unless the wood is hit by the axe perfectly straight, the piece of wood goes flying; I had many cuts on my shins from rouge logs. I was always trying to split the log, but I saw one of my brothers lay the log on its side and cut it with a V shape. This technique allowed room for error, so I switched, chopping and chopping to improve my skill with an axe. I wanted to split logs like Rocky though, so I kept swinging. I’d go in the back yard and spend my time chopping wood until I could start splitting them. Well that was coolest thing I’ve ever done and I kept doing it. Now I can swing the axe all day long and it allows me to shape the world to my desires.

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