A rolling stone gathers no moss

This is my last morning pages, I don’t know if it’s my last forever, but I have no plans to use my website again after I post this. I did want to say Thanks to the people that came by regularly. This was an activity for me to get energy out because I couldn’t do anything else. Now I’ve got what I’ve been waiting for, it’s time for me to focus on what I always told myself I would do if given the chance. As I said before, writing is still important to me, so I plan to keep doing the 300 words a day.  I’m going to focus my writing on one project or story. Maybe write some short stories and see if one day I could have enough for a book. I’m gonna go where the wind takes me, but I’m not going to be spending time on the computer uploading it. I have nothing to prove to anyone, I’m gonna enjoy my life. I dug up a raspberry bush today, changed a toilet bob, and have been resetting the pool. The world around me is only limited by what I’m willing to do, so no more time is going to be spent waiting for webpages to load. I think I’m still going to keep my instagram @drawingmylifeaway124 going because I’ve got a back log of photos I want to get out. The good photos haven’t even started hitting the streets yet. I tried to dump all the photos at once but because they’re on the cloud, it’s half a dozen clicks to upload one picture. That’s annoying enough, but it takes about two minutes twice a day and there’s at least one sunflower seed photo that the world needs to see. I saw a completely new creation to my eyes today, some sort of caterpillar rat king.

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