ClickClack PickThat SilkHat

Part of me still doesn’t know why I sit down to write this. The part of me that says I have to write it, because it keeps my mind and writing ability sharp, has also  been wondering if instead I should put this energy in to writing stories or something with a purpose. Sure, I’dContinue reading “ClickClack PickThat SilkHat”

Very Therapeutic

Mein, rough day on the farm. I spotted some birds beginning to nest on our rafters. Every year we can expect this nest to build a couple inches taller. Looks like today’s bachelors are deciding their fate. It’s beautiful to watch chicks grow on our front porch(enter Mathew Mcconaughey meme here). I try to teachContinue reading “Very Therapeutic”

Special Report

Recently my wife and I had a tif because I ask for her opinions about what I’m doing here. I love my wife and I’m happy I can trust her to be honest with me, but I was hurt by her saying my morning pages seem muted since making them public. I want to beContinue reading “Special Report”