Saltwater Salad Dressing

The sharing plant, Pilea. They propagate quickly.

Good morning pages, I’ve put you off for long enough today and I don’t want to forget to do it entirely. Not much going on this weekend, been relaxing with the wife. I just got finished cleaning the house. On Tuesday I have my at-home interview with someone from Big Brother Big Sister. They’re going to see if the house is safe for a kid, get to know me better and what kind of kid I’d like to be paired with. I don’t have any preference, just looking to help. Hopefully I can be a good example and offer encouragement in the directions of life they’d like to travel. You know the old, “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this.” Clean up didn’t take too long and literally most of what we did yesterday was lay around the house to relax, I learned my lesson this week when I had my crash that weekends still need to be taken for recovery. I wish I could work all day everyday, but right now I might be able to get to 9-5 Monday through Friday and that’s a huge accomplishment for me. Getting that can be a stepping stone to working more, but I’ve got to get stable with that load first.

Last night I made a set up so I could have pencil and paper everywhere I go. Something I heard someone say was just to have your hand moving all day, so that is sort of a goal. With that it’s important for me to recognize that doesn’t mean I’m trying draw perfect lines of shapes and intricate shading, but drawing anything even random squiggly lines. It’s step by step; crawl walk run. There are some area where I can run but if everything isn’t brought up to that level, I’ll feel the imbalance and it will show in my art. My dad found my instagram and last night sent me some very nice messages. I’m really happy to have that available to read whenever I want and love him dearly.

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