I’m Beginning to See the Light

Can you see why this is called an “African mask plant”?

I hope you’re having a beautiful Saturday morning. Some how I’ve developed the habit of waking up early and going to the gym. It’s a fairly new concept to me because I’m used to having to talk myself into it. Now I don’t set an alarm, but at 6 am I’m fully awake and go to the gym because what else am I going to do at 6 am. I’m so surprised at this because I went out last night. I know my definition of going out is much more muted than it was 10 years ago. One of the guys from my wood working class invited me to his place and a couple of the other classmates were there. It was four other guys and and their ages range from 20-23. 

I’m 31 and am very self conscious of my age hanging around them. Part of me thinks I don’t want to hang out too much with people that much younger than me, but I do want to get to know my classmates better and feel a bit of an obligation hopefully be a good example for how to hold themselves as adults. Then on one hand I think, “Who are you to be offering advice to people, you think you’re better than them?” No, but I do think I made mistakes because I acted like a young boy and there are certain mistakes that it would be better for them to avoid if they can. I don’t want to tell anybody what they should do, but I want people to know of possible pit falls that I’ve encounter, how I landed in them, what I did to get out and what I learned from the experience. We’re all learning from new experiences everyday, even if that experience is that you’re another day older. If people talked about those things more freely and without letting their ego restrict what they hear or say, we would all be better for it.

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