Not Today

My practice from today

It’s that time again for Chris’ brain dump. I’m currently making food to meal prep for my week. I’ve got 360 g of rice boiling next to a minced onion grilling. That’ll be the entree of lunch for the next eight days. I also started cooking pasta for my dinners but I’ll do that once the rice is done because I only have so many big pots and burners. I’m also trying to roast a head of garlic for some added flavor to the pasta. It’s about finding the balance of ease to do and flavor brought. I could eat my pasta with just red sauce, but it’s nothing to get excited about. When I added the onion to my rice I started to get excited about it.

Today is going pretty well, I’m technically already done everything I’m supposed to do today. My wife had to wake up an hour early today, so I wake up early to make her breakfast. Then I went to the gym. Honestly, it feels a bit like cheating how easy it is to go to the gym these days. I guess I’ve adopted the attitude of just do it and that’s what has made it easy. Funny to think all the time we spend mentally preparing or relaxing before we do something is actually energy we’re wasting, just get it done and you’ve saved that energy with the rest of your day open.

Then some how immediately after breakfast I rolled right into drawing practice. I knocked out an hour of drawing which is great and my goal, but I want more and if I have the rest of the day almost entirely free, I should be doing some drawing because why not Chris? You want to be great at that and the only way you’re going to get on the same level as people who do have their pencils moving all day is if you become one of those people. You will become who you are. Your destiny awaits you, how many more days are you going to put it off because you’re afraid. Not today.

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