Catching Waves

My prickly pear, tomorrow I’ll share the “branch” that fell off

Today is another one of those Tuesday is for therapy days. I actually have a pretty busy day by my standards. In two hours is my individual therapy, afterwards I’m planning on doing my food shopping. Then I’ve got a pretty big chunk of time before group therapy. I didn’t go to group therapy last week partly because we had a cold front and I didn’t want to leave the house, but also because I had a dip in my depression and didn’t want to leave the house. Towards the end of the day I’ll have my BBBS meeting. This morning I felt a little low, but I don’t think it’s an energy low, I think it’s some sort of allergy thing. I felt similar yesterday morning, both days I took a shot of this nasal steroid for allergies and it helped a lot yesterday. I’m hoping it will be better in a bit, but I’m planning on taking things easier today anyway.

I was astonished with how much unscheduled drawing I was able to do yesterday. I would see an opportunity to draw, like if I was only listening to something. Before I know it what I’m listening to will finish and I’m sill drawing. I’d put the paper and pencil down because I have to be conscious not to burn out, a little while later I’d be right back at it. My goal was just to draw at one point during the rest of my day and I exceeded my expectations. The real tough part is that I have to do that for the rest of my life. It sounds harder than it is because I’ll want to do it, but also as time goes on it will become more natural. It’s like if when I was 12, someone said, “You have to carry around this ½ pound computer everywhere you go and make sure not to crack it.” I’d feel so burdened by it, but billions of people are getting on just fine with their smart phones. As it brings you more joy, you want it to be around more.

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