Mid-day Dawn

This fella fell of when the wind knocked the big one over

Good morning pages, my drawing practice is coming along really well. Of course when what I’m making is pleasing to the eye that makes me feel good but beyond that it’s becoming easier to draw for longer periods of time, that fills me with confidence and motivation for the future. I have been at a point similar to this in the past and burned out. I was doing four hours of drawing a day and trying to get to eight; probably too quickly. It’s a story I’ve lived time and time again. A lesson I learned by growing trees from seed is that growth takes a lot longer than you think. I’m learning to enjoy the journey though.

In other news, yesterday was a bigger day for me than I was thinking about. I guess I knew I’d have to buckle down and focus for it, so I had my two therapy appointments and then the at-home interview for Big Brother Big Sister(BBBS). We finished our module in group therapy, so I won’t have that again until at least mid January. I also won’t have individual therapy until after Christmas. My therapist said my smile seemed easier, I agree and it felt nice to hear. I’ve also been ecstatic at how my BBBS interview went. She asked the types of questions like what my life was like growing up, who were some mentors to me, why do I want to work with kids and it was genuinely a lot of fun talking about working as a big brother. Next step should be that she will call me with a little that she’s matched me with or possibly a couple and I’ll choose one. After that I get to meet them and we’ll be allowed to hang out! It’s so crazy, I don’t know why it seemed like an impossible dream to get this going, all it really took was my therapist asking, “What would happen if you visited BBBS for more information?” I didn’t have an answer so as soon as I had the time, I went down. I’m really happy and I hope you are too. Take care of yourself, challenge yourself and reach out for help when you feel you need to. Thank you.

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