I don’t have to put up with this

Alright morning pages, I don’t know what’s been up lately but I feel like I haven’t wanted to talk to you. Maybe I’m tired and don’t feel like doing it, maybe I’m putting too much on myself and I’m beginning to fall towards depression. Whatever it is, I’m still here for another day. Today was such a weird day. It was one of those days when it feels like the world is conspiring against you. First thing, I went to the drawing table while the dog was outside doing his business, then when I hear him I get up and bang my knee into the table. A little later I’m grabbing my stuff and heading out to the gym when I bang my elbow into a door frame. Then I’ve got to scrap the ice off my car window, I get just enough scraped to see out the driver side and the ice scrapper snaps in half. Don’t worry I sat in the car and waited for it to fully defrost instead of driving with half of one window. I knew by then that I had no luck to push. Even driving to the gym I was stopped at lights that are never red, one of the roads was blocked and I had to take a detour. Then at the gym today was supposed to be chest day. I usually don’t do chest day on a Monday and never will again. The bench press is one of the most popular exercises for people without a lot of exercises in their tool box and Monday is the day when everyone who decided to change their lives for the better over the weekend starts going. 

Anyway very frustrating morning and some other annoying things happen. I just had this weirdness in the back of my neck all day. Not an ache but a nagging. To give you some news I’ll probably be leaving my current gym at the YMCA for either Gold’s or a 24/7 place, I still have to compare prices.

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