Penciling Pencil Lead

Well another day, another donut. It’d be nice to have donuts but c’est la vie. Drawing today is going pretty well. I’m getting some time in. It’s probably good focused time as opposed to what I usually feel is in a class room. I think with classes, there ends up being so many distractions and interruptions. It’s certainly the case with my woodworking. Right now I’m getting work in, but a class would be a big block of 3-5 hours, so since I’m not doing those numbers I feel like I’m failing. I know to go easy on myself, that I need to build up to that point. No reason doing five hours today if I burn out and then don’t draw for the next two weeks. It’s a long game, draw as much as I can whenever I can everyday. It’s coming back everyday, hoping to be a little better than the day before that I’m betting on. I don’t know if I’m right, but what else am I going to do. Maybe someday I’ll attend a school and it’ll transform me, or maybe I’ll realize they waste too much time and go back to doing it on my own. Only thing I can do right now is keep coming back to it, keep trying to get that pencil moving and keep learning. Today I actually brought a pad and pencil to the gym, occasionally when I had time between sets I would try and draw something. To me it’s not so important what I’m drawing, I mean at most I have a minute thirty between sets, so they’re nothing spectacular, but it’s the idea. Always have pencil and pad on me and when I have a chance, try putting something down. I’m trying morning pages, hopefully I’ll see you on the other side someday.

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