Gobble Goes the Turkey

My Irish moss, I got it in a 2″x2″ pot and I’ve been working to get a square big enough to use as a bath mat some day

Good morning pages and happy Thanksgiving. Look at me writing my pages before 8 am, like I should be doing. Yesterday I had some socializing to do which is pretty typical of the holidays I suppose. A friend of my wife’s from med school and her boyfriend came over to visit. What was a little strange and I didn’t think about before hand was they’re both from New England and were noticing things about being in the south like everyone speaks different. I guess I had just gotten used to hearing it, but it takes me back to when that did stand out. They were cool though, it was fun to hang out with a guy that has some similar interests, he’s a bodybuilder. There was also a similarity in personality, I don’t know what is the best way to sum it up, so I’ll say it’s a desire to be great. I actually said that my ideal little in BBBS would have a desire to be great. I’m not sure if everyone has that. On one hand I think everyone is going to want good things, that’s what makes them good. 

Maybe what is good means different things to different people though. One person may want material goods, I know that idea gets bashed on a lot but a desire is a desire and no one is worse than another, so they may want to have nice clothes and a shiny car in order to feel good about themselves. For some people all they want is to raise a family, but the desire I’m walking about is more internal. That you have to do something in order to prove your value, perhaps to the universe. I remember an old Twilight Zone episode with the actor who played Mickey in the Rocky movies. He was just found useless by a jury and he’s giving a speech where he shouts at them something like, “I exist, that is my purpose!” That’s basically it, demanding the universe recognize my right to exist.

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