Let Jimmy Take Over

The start of a new week, there’s potential for anything to happen. Well it’s more like the opposite of potential, I know what needs to get done and by the end of the week I hope to have brought those tasks to null. I’ve moved on to moving over my garden. Hopefully it’s not tooContinue reading “Let Jimmy Take Over”

Take back the fat stacks

This morning has been pretty good. I got all of my chores out of the way early. I mowed the lawn, walked the dog, and even emptied the fridge of all the expired food. Today I separated more cuttings from my fiddle leaf because I want it to be a long slender tree, so allContinue reading “Take back the fat stacks”

Let me take you away

To a place where the water always flows. A beautiful waterfall surrounded by life. To the art of stone placement and pattern. There’s a variety of stone sizes to use, when to use what size is an artistic choice. I need everything to be cohesive though. Ideas have to work together or else it feelsContinue reading “Let me take you away”

Hear Clear Space

We just returned from another visit to the house we’re interested in. It still looks pretty good, we only saw the outside I feel better about it now that we’ve taken time to slowly walk around and look. Our vision leaves out so much information that our brains normally think isn’t important, like an electricalContinue reading “Hear Clear Space”

Take time off till 10 hundred

This morning felt like I was hit by allergies hard because after breakfast I had to go back to bed. I knew I needed good sleep too, because usually for a nap I don’t put my mask and nose plugs in, but this morning I did. Yesterday was a really good day for Chris, shootContinue reading “Take time off till 10 hundred”

Mess up your makeup

We’ve made it through another day. I was feeling pretty low yesterday and nothing really got accomplished. Maybe the days are feeling like they lag because we’re in the middle of the month. Right now an edge to grab onto is only getting further away. I’m going to put an effort into reading more. ItContinue reading “Mess up your makeup”

Mellow Monday Morning

This is the first thing I’m doing today, mostly because I don’t feel like doing anything else. At least if I write this, I’ve done something productive today. A struggle with dieting is with the weekend I want to relax a little because it’s the weekend, currently my best tactic to not over eat whenContinue reading “Mellow Monday Morning”

Cry baby will buy maybe

This morning I drove to a prospect for the farm. I wasn’t wowed. It would work and I would be happy if I got it, but I’m not being forced to make a decision. The place I went to today was partially cleared out in the front and it’s enough to build some stuff on,Continue reading “Cry baby will buy maybe”

Decidedly Delicious Dedication

I started restricting my calories this week, so I feel low energy. My goal is to follow my diet for three days in a row, which I can accomplish today. With how I’m feeling now, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stick to my diet, but I’m trying. My success overContinue reading “Decidedly Delicious Dedication”

Broad shoulders catch more rain

I wasn’t here yesterday, but sometimes I need to take a day off if only to take a day off. I think yesterday was a good day. It’s hard to tell what days are anymore, everything blends together. Let’s see, yesterday I repotted my autumn fern. That’s a fern the grown new fronds in orangeContinue reading “Broad shoulders catch more rain”