Whats in a Line?

Alright I missed yesterday, get off my back I’m here now aren’t I? You know what I might decide to skip tomorrow if you’ve really got a problem, maybe I’ll skip all of December as a reward for doing so good all year. Nah I will try not to do that because if I did I’d probably never write a morning page again and I know they’re good for my mental health. Thanksgiving has been good, yesterday we went out for brunch and I think I had a ton of champagne. The server said they put about a bottle and a half in each carafe of mimosa. I choose to not believe her and ordered a second. I was hung over all day. It’s nice to treat the holidays as a holiday and enjoy myself. Hopefully it makes getting down to work during the week easier because I get the laziness out of my system, in reality it probably just makes it harder because I get comfy and work is that much further from what I’m currently doing. Anyway I’m currently looking at AirBnB’s I think I’m going to go on a little weekend trip before the end of the year to seclude myself and only have drawing available, sort of give a kick in the pants with the focus I’m asking of myself. I know things are going well. I’m drawing more and I’m getting better, there’s just that voice that wants instant gratification that has to be controlled. If that voice doesn’t get what they want, which is impossible to please by the way, it can get destructive. I guess that’s what makes everyday a battle and also when something is accomplished feel rewarding. I have some tangible goals for drawing, I might need to right down some more and also figure out rewards for when they’re accomplished. I have a list of pre reqs for calling myself an artist that would be nice to finish by July 1st 2020, I’ll have to have a big reward for that.

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