Day Late and a Dollar Short

Good morning, look I’m sorry I snapped at you yesterday, I was grumpy and tired. I appreciate you being here, but you have to understand that writing this is work and people are not inclined to work for a metaphysical goal like metal health. It’s the same reason I struggle to do my daily mindfulness activities, and I really should be meditating everyday. Maybe I’ll ensure I do once day a week and work up from there. Today is Sunday which means lots of getting ready for tomorrow. I’ve got to go food shopping and do some cooking to add protein to my meal prep. It’s not a terrible amount of work but it’s still technically the holiday weekend, so my lazy side will need to have it’s arm twisted. I could go to the store right now and it’d be empty which is good, but I don’t know if my wife has anything she needs from the store. Oh well I think what I’ll do is finish this, then cook breakfast and go food shopping. I’m watching a documentary about Edward Berneys. If you don’t know who he is, you should because unless you’re a psychologist he’s the reason you know the name Freud. He transformed America from buying products that they needed and served a purpose to buying what they wanted because of how it made them feel. Just going into the food store I’m going to be hit with millions of stimuli that have his fingerprint on it, especially now that we’re in the Christmas season. It’s whatever though, I’ve had my material goods appetite under control for a long time now. I get discourage at helping human beings when I see how far some of them are from taking control of their lives and those people are the overwhelming majority. What can I do when every corporation uses every media outlet to control the public? I don’t fight to make a difference though, only because I know it is the right thing to do.

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