The Sun is Shinning Inside

Alright, I’ve got my Monday workout in the bag, only things left in order to call today a good day are writing this and doing my drawing. I woke up around 5:45 am this morning and my wife’s alarm doesn’t go off until 6:20. She then has an alarm go off five minutes later and that had been my unofficial wake up time for awhile. The coffee starts at the first alarm so five minutes lets me walk out and it’s done. Since working to get more dedicated to drawing, I decided to wake up with the first alarm and draw until the coffee is done. It’s not much time, but making drawing the first thing I do in the morning sends a message to myself that this is important to me. 

Back to waking up at 5:45 this morning, I’ve been waking up around then without an alarm clock and basically waiting until it’s OK to get out of bed. I think I’m going to try and get out of bed when I wake up, that could give me a half hour of drawing before the day starts. Do just that everyday and I’ll still be making some serious progress. I signed up for New Masters Academy this weekend because they had a 40% off sale for black Friday. NMA is a really good online teaching site for art and I had been planning to join soon anyway, so that’s really exciting. Now instead of wasting time on youtube, I’ve got thousands of quality art education videos to check out. Today is also the first day of my new diet with increased protein. It really is hard for me right now to eat the quantity required when eating meat instead of nuts. Nuts have a ton more fat which makes them more calorically dense, hopefully I don’t feel as hungry as I was before. The path is laid before me, all I have to do is walk it.

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