Clean Sheets

Part of my sad plant series. I brought this one indoors from the greenhouse.

It’s still morning pages. The conclusion to yesterday was that I let the guys know I won’t be coming back to woodworking, they were all very nice about it and supportive, I appreciate that. Moving forward my plan is to replace woodworking time with going to the library. My drawing set up can be very small, so I only need a table to be in my own world. If I can be going to the library for learning time, I don’t need to be drawing that whole time though I wouldn’t complain if I were. I want to look at it more like college, I’d go to classes through most of the week, but at that time I wasn’t actively reading or writing. The similar situation would be watching the videos on New Masters Academy, they will be my lectures. I’ll try to take notes during the lectures and there are practice parts and assignments I’ll do. For now the big thing of note is the library doesn’t open until 9am when woodworking used to start at 8 am. I’ve got a whole nother hour to do stuff in that I’m not used to. I think what I’ll plan to do is go to the gym at my normal time and then I’ll go at 9 hopefully. Luckily, I’ve been writing down the times that I do everything this week because I just bought a weekly planner for 2020, it’s paying off already because I can see what time I usually finish breakfast. Anyway, maybe I’ll have to start after 9, but it doesn’t really matter as long as I do 3 hours, lunch, and 3 hours. That’s the block of study time and if I’m accomplishing the gym as well, those are some really great days. First step is to see if this library is useable for my study area.

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