Woke Up Cold

How are we already a third of the way through December, it seems like Thanksgiving was just a couple days ago. I went to the store yesterday and thought they might be low on supplies because of black Friday, but that we apparently forever ago. Quickly approaching the end of the year, celestial dates mean a lot to me for whatever reason. What has happened in 2019? A lot of things have changed, a lot of things have not. Hopefully every year brings new fortunes, ideally I would get healthier every year and it may still be the case, but someday that will be impossible. The new year is weird, it is pretty meaningless aside from the reminder that time will keep passing regardless of what you do. 

I was thinking in the shower that I used to wait for the time to be right to do things. I’m sure I still do that to some degree, but I try to say that there will never be a perfect time and if I start now then I will be better prepared to take advantage of the perfect time. For me, like most people, the new year is a perfect time to do something new. In the past couple weeks I shifted more to art and I hope that’s what 2020 has in store for me, but even if 2020 doesn’t want to cooperate, I will try my best to work towards my goal. I think about drawing a lot now, it was something that I knew would happen after the first few days. My mind is like a cave, when a noise is made inside it will echo through out, so now when I close my eyes there are echos of the drawings I work on. I like drawing in my mind, but I’m sure it isn’t as helpful as drawing with the hand so when possible I have to remember to switch over.

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