I Love Rainy Days

Good news morning pages, I keep getting distracted by drawing and forgetting to write you. You could say things are going well. How are they going for you? Today was pretty interesting for me. I just felt beat up today, so after I took care of my wife’s breakfast I went back to sleep. Even after that extra sleep I wasn’t feeling better, so I thought it might be allergies. Maybe it was because I put in eye drops, took a nasal spray and felt better. It didn’t hurt that I also made myself a pancake for breakfast. After I got situated it was time to figure out my day. I knew I had to draw but decided not to go to the gym and it’s raining here, so I figured I could take care of somethings on the other side of town. I wanted to experiment with going to a coffee shop and drawing for days when I won’t be able to ride my bike to the library, rainy days like today. 

I drove to the coffee shop Stone Cup Cafe if you’re ever in Chattanooga, they have a pretty view of the river and I love looking outside in the rain. I got my coffee and was getting things situated, when I found out I have a wobbly table. That’s the last thing you want with a laptop, sketch pad and a big cup of coffee. I switched to another table and had a pleasant drawing experience.

A few doors down from the cafe is the local art association I joined recently, I wanted to stop by and start building a relationship as well as ask questions and look at art. That was an exciting experience and I hope to be going there to meet other artists and do art critiques with them. When I got home I was so pumped by the good day I was having, I used that to go to the gym and did the workout I should have done first thing this morning. On the way to the gym I saw a girl standing at the cross walk that I thought had a very artistic image, so when I got home later I did this drawing. I think it could be really good if I did it in ink and water color, maybe even adding an effect of rain.

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