My Pencils are Sharpened

Some initial sketches of a pig man firing a blunderbuss that I posted on my instagram @drawingmylifeaway124

It’s 12/12 make a wish, and if you’re in Europe it’s also 12/12, so isn’t that special. I’m still feeling weird today. Last night my wife said she took pseudoephed, a nasal decongestant, and I thought I was saved. This does fit a lot of the pains I get from sinus trouble, in fact when I’m done with this I’m going to give myself a little sinus massage, pressing and releasing. I took some pseudoephed also today, but I’m not feeling too much better because of it so that’s a little disappointing. What I’m really scared of is that now there’s nothing standing between me and my dreams except doing the work. I’m afraid that my body wants there to be things in the way so I can I have something to blame. I don’t think that’s it though because I feel really beat up, something is definitely up. I also had the thought that I could be plain old fashioned sick. Whatever though, for the most part I’m pampering myself to help recover and I’m meeting my daily drawing goal.

Tonight I’m going to a place called Townsend Atelier in town for their weekly live model drawing. It’s not a traditional atelier which I think of as a school where you attend for years and are basically an apprentice, but they have a lot of high quality art classes and we’re lucky they bring in a lot of great artists to teach. There’s also this live drawing which I need to start attending every week because drawing from life is the best thing I can do and I can at least schedule for it once a week. It’s three hours of drawing, usually one pose of a nude model. We’ll draw for 20 minutes, give the model a 5 minute break and repeat. I’ve gone in the past and tried to work on one drawing, but I don’t think I’m good enough for that yet so my plan is for each 20 minute block to be one sketch. Right now for me it is more about producing quantity over quality. Not to say I don’t want quality, but I will make mistakes in those beginning marks that if followed to the end will leave me with a wonky picture. I think it will be a better use of my time to do 10 or so beginning phases to work on my foundation.

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