Bilateral Proportions

I’m having a really wonderful day morning pages, thank you for asking. This morning started off with me overcooking some eggs. I’m never overcooked my eggs before, but I’ve been eating them with ham and cheese lately and that adds moisture so I’ve been hoping to cook the moisture out. I was left instead eating rubber. I got it down and rode my bike to the library where I drew for almost three hours straight. I did stop once for a bathroom break. It felt really good. Of course there were times where I wanted to call it a short day, but I managed to stick with it. I get such a burst of energy when I have a good day like that. I’m really enjoying drawing. Now of course I can’t wait to get back to painting, but that’s going to be awhile and drawing just has so much to teach me about making visual art anyway, plus drawing is a lot cheaper than painting. 

One of the books I checked out from the library this week was a pastel book. I think I’ve only done one drawing in pastel. I actually just looked up and that drawing is missing from my wall. I’ll have to show you my motivation wall some time. It just has a bunch of stuff I’ve done on it. There used to be a pastel drawing of an apple, but I sent it home recently when I wrote a letter to my parents. That sounds like as good of an excuse as any to do more pastel work. In other news I got an Oculus Quest today. My friends and I have been hyping it up, calling it 2019’s Tickle Me Elmo, and the first IPhone. It’s been really surprising already and I think I’ll go back to the virtual world right now. I’ll try drawing in it.

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