Happy Winter Solstice

My new reality

What are you doing to celebrate? I of course I will be disappearing into the virtual world some more to explore. Tonight we’ll be going to the zoo to see their Christmas lights. Last night we went to a nice restaurant to celebrate my wife’s sister finishing her masters degree. It made me think that I’ll have to get my sister something when she finishes her masters in the spring. Gifts man, can’t escape them. I mean you can, but it’s nice. Giving is nice and it doesn’t have to be a material good. I told my friend max he and his girlfriend should do homemade gifts because they’re probably both less material good oriented than me and they’re creative people, so I think they’d have a lot of fun with it.

That’s the thing about gifts that I do like, it’s a memory of that person. Maybe Santa and Christmas lists mess that idea up, that you’re saying I want these things. If I don’t get these things then I’ll be disappointed and Santa is the person who disappointed me. I studied French for many years and something I like is the French word for memory is souvenir. My perspective on souvenirs changed with that and it’s similar to what I’m saying with gifts. It’s not about what the item is, but what memories it brings up to the surface; it’s the thought that counts. 

Well I’ll be finishing now, I already did my drawing and just got back from the gym, so after this I’m free to partake in the holiday spirits if you know what I mean. Yesterday I got an eggnog milk shake. I did not eat it all in one sitting or even in one day thankfully, but I like eggnog. I do think eggnog goes well with whiskey, but think it’s better on its own. That’s where I’m at with most alcohol now, I’d rather drink it straight and appreciate it for what it is.

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